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Social mutilation, screaming, love, and reviews.

The Reel Abstractions podcast kindly read my book and had me on to talk about it. One of the hosts suggested that I should think of my work as social mutilation theory and that it's animated by the sensibility John Holloway talked about as "the scream" and the other host said that in a sense the book is demanding that the bar for humane treatment in social institutions be treating people in a way compatible with their being loved. I got a great deal out of the conversation and was honored they engaged with the book and with me. Podcast's on spotify here. As long as I'm posting this, I'll also note that Karen Tani's done a generous, thoughtful review essay on my book and John Witt has done as so as well. Good stuff to think with all around. I appreciate it especially given how lonely life is under quarantine.

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