I keep occasional posts on this site, written to think about stuff, as the site's name says.

Beyond that, I've done some other more finished writing, ranging from very academic to very not academic. Starting on the academic end, I wrote a book on employee injury law and capitalism in the early twentieth century US (the short version: things used to be terrible, and worse than you think, but then later they became differently terrible, and worse than you think). LaborOnline kindly did a roundtable on the book, including a response from me and I wrote a short
reflection on my book and the COVID-19 pandemic. I co-wrote an essay on law and Marxism. I wrote a chapter for an academic edited volume on law and Marxism and an academic article on workers' comp law and employment discrimination, some of which ended up in my book. I've written some blog posts on marxism, marxist theory, and law at the blog Legal Form and one at the LPE blog. I've written some book reviews too and I hope to continue doing so. I like writing them. I've also written a little polemical stuff at the excellent Organizing Work blog.

I wrote a series of blog posts
mostly focused on my writing life and feelings (writing is hard! I feel like I'm bad at it! I got writers' block and it was awful!) and the ways I organize my writing and revision process. I keep an occasionally updated and very whiny writing diary, based on John Steinbeck's very whiny writing diary and the advice of Joli Jensen's excellent book Write No Matter What. I don't know that it's worth anyone's time to read the diary, but it helps me feel accountable to have that link there. 

I also sometimes write record reviews, mostly for the blog Birthday Cake for Breakfast. My reviews for BCFB are here. That's led to doing the occasional write up or blurb for releases by small record labels, which has been really fun. I keep a blog where I write to think about music and occasionally write reviews of records that aren't new anymore. That's tapered off since I've started writing more reviews of new records. I wrote a post there about why I like record reviewing, a post about getting old and liking midwestern despair punk, and a review I was pleased with of the incredible Bruxa Maria record, "Human Condition."

I also sometimes make weird computer music (finished stuff goes here and stuff that's still in flux goes here), some rough stop-motion animation for some of that music. A friend and I have started a small tape label for noise and noise-adjacent music. As part of that we've started an online/streaming gig series called FEAST, which has been tons of fun IMHO. I also occasionally put up photos of drawings and collages and whatnot that I did on twitter and on instagram. I don't make any claims that my art is worth your time, but making it is absolutely worth my time. I spent years wanting to do and make stuff but not doing so because I thought I sucked at it. Now I figure I'll just make stuff even though I feel like I suck at it because that feels better. I mention this here in case anyone reading this is similarly holding themselves back. More people should make art, regardless of the product and regardless whether they feel like they're good at it, and it's ugly that many of learn not to do so.