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Self promotion continues!

Updated: May 11, 2021

The Organizing Work site kindly ran a thing I wrote about unions and whatnot (tl;dr, I like them! they're an activity more than a thing! and the law is bad!). You can check it out here and anyone interested in workplace any other sorts of organizing should definitely follow the site closely. I was also on a teleconference panel about law and marxism the other day. I talked about my book and other stuff on my mind lately and about the relationship between marxism and the new conversations and milieu around law and political economy. The LPE Project generously hosted it and the coordinators did a lot of work to pull it off, which I appreciate. I also appreciate the people who came to watch it and ask questions, as it was pretty early in the morning for those of us in the US and late at night for the people in Australia. I got a lot of out the panel, personally, found it fun and intellectually exciting. Video's here. Edit: Another pair of things of mine since then up at Organizing Work, one on hot shops in organizing and another a reply to what is in my view a factually and theoretically mistaken account of the present and the past on the part of marxist philosopher Paul Mattick. And a thing up at the AAUP blog arguing that university instructors are experiencing something related to what medical workers are experiencing that is part of why we're so exhausted.

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